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The main benefits of these technologies. In the hotel sector, regardless of the chosen social network, if it is handled in the right way will be beneficial and will be part of the company Earls. Social networks will allow professionals in this sector to connect in a personal way with their clients, which in the long run will influence their loyalty to the company Stagg. The benefits are not only for large companies, SMEs in this industry also benefit by getting feedback pva gmail accounts and feedback about the services they offer information previously only available to large companies that could afford a market survey Thomas, Therefore, the benefits of social networks in this sector are several, Mavoothu summarizes these benefits in: profitability, impact, interaction, conversion, credibility and authenticity.

On the other hand, the lack of importance that is given to social networks, followed by insecurity during the use of these and the lack of familiarity and training of a company's staff form significant barriers to the use of social networks as support To a company Michaelidou. Table shows the main difficulties, as well as the risks and buy gmail accounts pva concerns that companies have in relation to these new trends. The hospitality companies, on the other hand, should study the risks when it comes to social networks Mavoothu, in this sector there is a misuse of resources by some companies and not so many concerns related to the adoption of these trends R. Hanna, Rohm,& Crittenden. The most frequent errors are to ignore the impact these channels buy gmail accounts pva have on their companies, the loss of control of the messages of the audience Ragone, to assume that the social networks belong to the department of IT or of marketing exclusively when in fact Is a combination of both areas.

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Social media marketing is related to the use of marketing in social networks Basil, is an amplified version of the oldest and most powerful form of marketing WOM Guilford, and has as main objective to attract new consumers And cultivate relationships with them, followed by increasing the visibility and diffusion of the company Michaelidou. In addition to redefining traditional marketing strategies, social networks are transforming consumer engagement and engagement and, unlike other technologies, social networks do not need a large investment, Marketing expenditures focused on these channels increase Michaelidou. For the success and propagation of a marketing campaign in these media Mills identified four determining factors: content, type of medium propagation, message continuity and integration of multiple platforms. Other authors also consider variables such as entertainment, interaction.

Companies should not be afraid to vary their strategies depending on the medium to be used, since a strategy will not always be the same for each channel Ramsay, but a correct strategy can improve to read more the performance of sales managers and enable reaching The objectives of the company. While Ragone mentions that the main benefits are to offer direct contact with regular clients, to be a referral mechanism, to provide immediate questions and answers to any doubts and to have the ability to interact and arouse emotions and interests in clients. Focus on buy gmail accounts pva the use of social networks based on a specific type of audience. Consider the movements and Competitive strategies. Be aware of market events.

The ability of marketers to make better decisions will substantially improve if they consider a greater number of variables and consumerism is present. Then, having a marketing campaign expand will be one of the great achievements that marketers can achieve Mills. For Matthews a strategy in social networks is to do many things at once and see which will work best for the company. However, Hoffman& Novak advises that a study of each of the social networks and their use should be developed before implementing any strategy. On the other hand Andzulis. Mention that strategies can be oriented in four ways: price, relationships, customer and products and services. For Agnihotri., a strategy based on social networks should:. Define organizational objectives.